Get on with it – the message we are hearing from Navca members

By | June 12, 2019
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The chair of the national membership body for the local voluntary sector says he has

heard four key messages from listening to members

Six months ago, I had the privilege to be directly elected chair of Navca, an honour I

am determined to repay.

Our members are the core of the movement for local social action. As local

infrastructure bodies, they support the development and sustainability of local

voluntary and community sector groups across England. Together, Navca’s

members represent a critical component of civil society, and without them the VCS

and communities would be much weaker.

A significant part of the chair’s role is to listen and learn, making my relationship

different from that which the Navca staff team have with our members, but

demanding it always complements those relationships. When I stood for election, I

John Tizard

promised I would “connect” with the Navca members: be available, respond

promptly and, above all, visit members whenever invited.

A stream of invitations (20 visits made to date and more booked over coming

months) followed. I have spoken at members’ conferences and AGMs, met chief

officers, chairs of trustees, staff and volunteers, as well as hearing from many

members during our engagement programme for our new strategy