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Reach out to volunteers

Local authority leaders should foster and develop strong relations with the local voluntary and community sector and view its member organisations and their staff, volunteers and supporters, as natural allies, writes John Tizard. As former vice-chair of the National Association of Voluntary Community Action, I hear too many reports about local authorities failing to connect… Read More...

Local Social Action Is More Vital Than Ever – And So Are Its Champions

If ever there was a time for bold, brave focussed leadership in the voluntary and community sector, at both national and local level, surely it is now?

And this must particularly be case in respect of the local community and small charity sector, which are the backbone of strong communities and the catalyst for local social action.

Given contemporary social and...

Democracy must be at heart of English devolution

English devolution is gathering pace. The Government is set on supporting devolution to combined local authorities and directly elected mayors across England. Local government is responding with enthusiasm and energy.


There are many arguments to be made for this policy though the extent of the devolved powers and the transfer of resources to support these powers bears detailed scrutiny and...